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Department of Chemical Engineering
Office : Building No. 9, College of Engineering
Tel : 82-53-950-5615. Fax : 82-53-950-6615
Department of chemical engineering was established in 1982.
The faculty includes ten professors who have been selected for their ability to teach and compete in research, nationally and internationally. The department had awarded the first Ph.D. in 1995.
Departmental graduates have pursued a variety of careers,
and have taken part in leading jobs in various field of chemical technology.
Objectives / Scope
The goal of the department is to prepare chemical engineers for careers and developments in academia,
government, and industry through the comprehensive theories and the experimental education. In the first grade,
students are required to take fundamental courses: Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics.

In the second grade, they take courses of special study: Chemical Engineering Calculation,
Engineering Mathematics and Applied Numerical Analysis. In the third grade, they study Fluid Mechanics,
Heat Transfer, Chemical Reaction Engineering, Mass Transfer, Process Control, Transport Phenomena
and Separation Processes, etc. In the fourth grade, they study Computer Applications in Chemical Engineering,
Polymer Engineering, Biochemical Engineering, Chemical Plant Design, Environmental Engineering and so on.
Through the study of each course offered, they are able to cope with the changes of advancing technology
as well as to respond to the industrial requests.

In particular, considering the importance of utilizing computers in chemical process and design,
the several courses on computer utilization have been included in the curriculum.