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Administrative Infomation
In support of the mission of the Department of Chemical Engineering, and our educational objectives, the faculty of the Department of Chemical Engineering have prepared a set of undergraduate chemical engineering program outcomes we expect our graduates to achieve.

Program Mission:
To provide a solid and current technical foundation that prepares students for a career in chemical engineering or related fields.

Program Goals:
To educate and support diverse students and prepare them to be leaders in chemical engineering or related fields.
  • Ability to apply knowledge of basic mathematics, science, and engineering to solving chemical engineering problems
  • Ability to design a chemical engineering system to meet desired needs while incorporating engineering standards and realistic constraints
  • Understanding of professional and ethical responsibility
  • Ability to communicate effectively in oral and written forms
  • Understanding of the impact of chemical engineering solutions in a global/political/societal context
  • Ability to use modern tools, techniques, and computation methods necessary for chemical engineering practice
  • Ability to apply probability, statistics, and economics in chemical engineering decisions
Educational Objectives:
To provide students with a solid foundation in chemical engineering, while preparing them for a broad range of career opportunities. The program’s primary emphasis is on chemical engineering fundamentals, while allowing students to personalize their curriculum to prepare them for traditional chemical engineering careers and diverse careers in related field of areas. To provide opportunities for teamwork, open-ended problem solving and critical thinking. a total of 15 design credit units are offered including 10 design credits units from the two mandatory “Introductory Design” and “Capstone Design” Courses.

Graduate Programs
The graduate program in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Kyungpook National University is nationally recognized as one of the leading programs in the country. With more than 10 research centers and laboratories, and unique collaborations with peer institutions, the Department of Chemical Engineering equips graduate students with practical skills and research capabilities. Whether considering a career as a practicing engineer or a lifetime career in research and academia, the Department of Chemical Engineering at Kyungpook National University can help you step up to a higher degree. Chemical Engineering graduate studies at Kyungpook National University is based on a very flexible program designed to meet the divergent needs of students involved in a variety of research projects in the department. The requirements are kept to a minimum and the students are given a wide choice in developing their own programs of study. We offer comprehensive coverage of all specialty areas in modern chemical engineering. Faculty and students in our laboratories also benefit from our close relationships with other departments on campus, including Chemistry, Materials Science, Physics, and Polymer Engineering. The Department of Chemical engineering is a focal point for inter-disciplinary research on campus.