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Professor Introduce
Su Whan Sung

Su Whan Sung Professor
B.S. Kyungpook National Univ. / M.S. POSTECH / Ph.D. POSTECH
Senior Researcher, LG Chem. LTD/Research Park (2003.1 - 2005.1)
Research professor, KAIST (2000.12 - 2002.12)
Research professor, POSTECH (2000.3 - 2000.11)
Post-doctorial Research Associate, Purdue University (1998.9-1999.9)
Contact: Tel. +82-53-950-6838
Research Statement
Main research interests are PID controllers, autotuning, process monitoring and modeling, process automation hardware and software for industrial processes (crystal glower, polymer extruder, desalination, Solid-Oxide-Fuel-Cell system, thermal cycler for DNA amplification etc.). I has spent over 20 years researching these topics, and has published about 65 related papers in SCI journals. Also, I wrote a textbook titled " Process Identification and PID Control John Wiley & Sons, (2009). Currently, I am especially focusing on developing commercial softwares for autotuning, process monitoring and advanced process control. Some of them are successfully commercialized through TBB company. Advanced Process Control
Selected Publications
  • Process Identification and PID Control, Su Whan Sung/Jitae Lee/ In-Beum Lee, John Wiley & Sons, April, 2009
  • Kyungsu Kim, Yu Jin Cheon, In-Beum Lee, Jietae Lee, Su Whan Sung, A frequency response identification method for discrete-time processes with cyclic steady state conditions, Automatica 50 (2014) 3260-3267
  • Development ofAn Automation Soft,vare for Control Performance Monitoring and PID Autotuning, LG CNS 2014~2015
  • Development of Control Algorithm and Software for Single Crystal Growing Processes, LG Siltron, 2010~2015
  • Development of An Automation Software for Minimizing Energy Consumption and Precise Control of Seawater
  • Desalination Plant, Synopex Water, 2015
Process l&ntification and PID Control, March 2009, John Wiley & Sons
USA Patent No. US 7,925,362B2, "Autotuning method using integral of relay feedback responses for extracting process information," April, 2011
Academic honors & awards
LG Group Industry-Academic Collaboration Award (2013)
Best Lecture Award (2008)
Collaborative research
We welcome any suggestions for collaborative research and development. Our groups have core technologies for process systems engineering such as microprocessor programming, .net programming, high throughput screening, industrial communication, hardwares and softwares for process control, monitoring, identification, autotuning and optimization.