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Professor Introduce
Young Kyoo Kim

Young Kyoo Kim Professor
B.S. Pusan National Univ. / M.S. Pusan National Univ.
Ph.D in Engineering. Pusan National Univ. / Ph.D in Physics. Imperial College London
Principal Scientist, LG Materials & Components Research Center (LG Innotek) (2006-2007)
Research Associate, Department of Physics, Imperial College London (2002-2006)
Head of R&D Center, NESS Display co. Ltd. (2000-2002)
Principal Researcher, Institute for Advanced Engineering (AE) (1996-2000)
Contact: Tel. +82-53-950-5616
Research Statement
The major topic of our research is "organic nanoelectronics" which includes materials and devices on a nanoscale for a variety of applications. We are currently focusing on organic solar cells (OSC), organic light-emitting devices (OLED), organic transistors (OTR), organic bio-devices (OBD), organic memory devices (OMD). Our laboratory operates with two with two teams (synthesis team and device team) : The synthesis team concentrates on synthesizing new organic semiconducting materials, while the device team is üying to make brand-new devices.
Selected Publications
  • Y. Kim, S. Cook, S. M. Tuladhar, S. A. Choulis, J. Nelson, J. R. Durrant, D. D. C. Bradley, M. Giles, l. McCulloch, C.-S. Ha and M. Ree, "A strong regioregularity effect in self-organizing conjugated polymer films and high-efficiency polythiophene:fullerene solar cells", Nat Mater., 5, 197 (2006)
  • M. C.-Quiles, T. Ferenai, T. Agostinelli, P. G. Etchegoin, Y. Kim, T. D. Anthopoulos, P. N. Stavrinou, D. D. C. Bradley and J. Nelson, "Morphology evolution via self-organization and lateral and vertical diffusion in polymer:fullerene solar cell blends", Nat. Mater., 7, 158 (2008)
  • S. Nam, M. Shin, H. Kim, C.-S. Ha, M. Ree and Youngkyoo Kim, "Improved Performance of Polymer:Polymer Solar Cells by Doping Electron-Accepting Polymers with an Organosulfonic Fund. Mater., 21, 4527 (2011)
  • S. Nam, Y.-G. Ko, S. G Hahm, S. Park, J. Seo, H. Lee, H. Kim, M. Ree and Y. Km, "Organic nonvolatile memory transistors Wiff selfdoped posmer energy well structures", NPGAsia Mater., 5, e33 (2013)
  • J. Seo, S. Park, S. Nam, H. Kim and Y. Km, "Liquid Crystal-on-Organic Field-Effect Transistor Sensory Devices for Perceptive Sensing of Ultrabw Intensity Gas FlowTouch", Sci. Rep., 3, 2452 (2013)
  • S.Woo, W. H. Kim, H. Kim, Y. Y, H.-K. Lyu and Y. Kim, "8.9% SingleStack Inverted Polymer Solar Cells with Electron-Rich Polymer Nanolayer-Modified Inorganic Electron-Collecting Buffer Layers", Adv. Energy Mater., 4, 1301692 (2014)
  • Development of semi-transparent organic solar cells (2009-2018)
  • Development of functional binders with high dielectric constants for high performance/stability (2014-2016)
Academic honors & awards
  • Academic Achievement Award, Engineering Part of Graduate School, Pusan National University (1995)
  • OutsÉndlng Researcher Prize InstiMe forAdvanced Engineering (1999) • Fast Breaking Paper, The Thomson Corporation (2007)[http://vwvw.
  • The Distinguished Lectureship Award (approved), Chemical Society of Japan (2008)
  • Exællaft Rsearch ProfessorAwd,Accreditation Board for Engineeing Education of KOREA Kyurvpook National University (2010,2011)