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Professor Introduce
Dong Hyun Kim

Dong Hyun Kim Professor
B.Sc. Seoul National Univ. (1975) / M.Sc. KAIST (1977) / Ph. D. "IST (1980)
Research Associate, University of Waterloo, Canada (1981-1982)
Senior Researcher, Korea Institute of Energy Research (1983-1985)
Visiting Scholar, University of New
South Wales, Australia (1994-1995, 2002)
Contact: Tel. +82-53-950-5617
Research Statement
  • Hydrogen production by steam reforming of hydrocarbons
  • Preferential oxidation of CO in excess hydrogen for CO clean up
  • Development of isothermal reactors for steam reforming and CO oxidation
  • Development of catalysts for medium temperature watergas-shift reaction
Selected Publications
  • "Steam reforming of methanol over structured catalysts prepared by electroless deposition of Cu and Zn on anodically oxidized alumina." , International Journal of Hydrogen Energy (201 5), 40(6), 2509-2517.
  • "Steam reforming of methanol over copper loaded anodized aluminum oxide (AAO) prepared through electrodeposition", Journal of Power Sources (2014), 268, 88-95.
  • "Preferential CO oxidation over Cu0-Ce02 in excess hydrogen: Effectiveness factors of catalyst particles and temperature window for CO removal", International Journal of Hydrogen Energy (2013), 38(1 1), 4429-4436.
  • "Global approximations of unsteady-state adsorption, diffusion, and reaction in a porous catalyst", AIChE Journal (2013), 59(7), 2540-2548.
  • "High-order approximations for unsteady-state diffusion and reaction in slab, cylinder and sphere catalyst", Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering (2012), 29(1), 42-48.
  • Development of methanol autothermal reformer
  • Development of catalysts for water-gas-shift reaction and methanol reforming
Advances in Fuel Cells, Ch. 7. "Methanol reforming processes" , Elsevier (2007)
"Methanol autothermal reformer for hydrogen production" Reg. No. 1004981590000 (2005)
Collaborative research
Korea-South Africa collaborative project, "Fuel cell systems and hydrogen" 2011-2014.
Invited talks
"A highly conductive honeycomb reactor for methanol autothermal reforming", Osaka University 2010, 1 1. 16