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Professor Introduce
Jie Tae Lee
Jie Tae Lee Professor
B.S. Seoul National Univ. (1979) / M.S. KAIST (1981) / Ph.D. KAIST (1986)
Visiting Scholar, University of Texas at Austin (1989,1995, 2002)
Contact: Tel. +82-53-950-5620
Research Statement
  • Process Control
  • Reactor Control
  • Experimental Liquid Level System
  • Control Hardware, Software
  • Real-time Optimization
Selected Publications
  • Jietae Lee, W. Cho, T.F. Edgar, "Simple Analytic PID Controller Tuning Rules Revisited", I&EC Research, 53, 5038-5047, (2014).
  • Jietae Lee, D.H. Kim, "Continued Fraction Method for Approximation of Heat Conduction Dynamics in a
  • J. Kim, J. Byeon, I.G. Seo, H.C. Lee, D.H. Kim, Jietae Lee, "Temperature Oscillations in a Methanol Partial Oxidation Reactor for the Production of Hydrogen", Korean J. Chem. Eng., 30, 790-795, (2013).
"Simulator-Based Global Control System Design Through Fuel-cell Fuel Processor Controls", NRF, Project No. 2014004928, 2014-2016.
S. W. Sung, Jietae Lee, l. B. Lee, Process Identification and PID Control " , Wiley, 2011.
  • Jietae Lee et al., "PH Measurement System Using Glass PH , USU36621, 2013.
  • Jietae Lee, S.W. Sung, " Autotuning Method Using Integrals of Relay Feedback Responses for Extracting Process Information" , US7925362, 2011.
Academic honors & awards
  • KNU Best Paper Award
  • 30 Best Research Award, KOSEF, 2002.