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Professor Introduce
Dong Ik Song

Dong Ik Song Professor
B.S. Seoul National Univ. / M.S. KAIST / Ph.D. Purdue Univ.
1980-1983 Research Institute, Pohang Iron and Steel Company
1983-Present Department of Chemical Engineering, Kyungpook National University
Contact: Tel. +82-53-950-5619
Research Statement
Polymer rheology which is the science for the flow and deformation of polymeric materials, is the main research field of my Ph. D. thesis. A nonlinear thermoviscoelastic constitutive equation derived from the modified rational thermodynamics framework was examined to assess its predictive capabilities in describing various nonlinear mechanical properties in the glass transition region for a glassy polymer, poly(vinyl acetate). Recently, my research interest has changed to the area of utilization of organic clays ; natural soils were treated with the ammonium ions having the long hydrocarbon chains, thus changing their property from hydrophilic to organophilic nature. These organically modified clays (i.e., organoclays) can be used for the removal of organic contaminants from the aqueous solution mainly by absorbing harmful, organic contaminants to the cores of pseudoorganic medium formed by the agglomeration of the long hydrocarbon chains of the exchanged ammonium ions present in the galleries of the clay. Furthermore, analysis of adsorption phenomenon in the adsorber is another research area I used to be involved in.
Selected Publications
  • " Removal of Sorbed Naphthalene from Soils Using Nonionic Surfactant", Journal of the Environmental Sciences, 19(5), 549-5630010).
  • "Sequential Competitive Sorption and Desorption of Chlorophenols in Organoclay", Korean J. Chem. Eng., 23(1), 63-70(2006).
  • "Development of Biological Wastewater Treatment Technology Using the High Efficiency Polymeric Support" , 2004.5—2005.2 (Small and Medium Business Administration)
  • "Development of In-Situ Microbial Filter Technology for the Bioremediation of Soils Contaminated with Organic Pollutants" , 2000.9-2003.8(National Science Foundation).
  • " Physical Chemistry: Thermodynamics, Statistical Thermodynamics and Kinetics Science Plus(2007) (translation into Korean with 14 other cotranslators)
  • " Chemistry: The Study of Matter and Its Changes", 2nd Ed., Freedom Academy(1997) (translation into Korean with 42 other cotranslators)
" Bleaching Agent and Methods for The Cultivated Pearls " , No. 0483239 (2005, Korea)
Academic honors & awards
Shimgang Best Paper Award from Korean Institute of Chemical Engineers (1996)