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Professor Introduce
Jae Chang Kim

Jae Chang Kim Professor
Ph.D. Chemical Engineering KAIST (1988) / M.S.Chemical Engineering KAIST (1984) / B.S. Chemical Engineering Yonsei Univ. (1982)
Assistant(94), Associate(98), and Full(2003) Professor, Chemical Engineering, KNU
Senior researcher in RIST (1988 -2004)
Visiting research fellow in CALTECH (1992 - 1993)
Contact: Tel. +82-53-950-5622
Research Statement
Our research group focuses on fundamental and applied aspects of heterogeneous catalysis, solid sorbents and nanostructured materials. Especially, our main concern is application of catalytic technology to the environmental fields including CCS(carbon dioxide capture and storage), H2S and SOX removal and purification of low concentration impurities. We are studying a wide range of solid sorbent systems to capture carbon dioxide and to remove pollutants from gasification of coal. We are also engaged in synthesizing nano-structured materials for the chemical sensors to detect sub-ppm level of pollutants.
Selected Publications
  • "The adsorption properties of organic sulfur compounds on zeolite-based sorbents impregnated with rare-earth metals" , Adsorption, 20, 341 (2014)
  • "Effects of alumina phases on C02 sorption and regeneration properties of potassium-based alumina sorbents" Adsorption, 20, 331 (2014)
  • "Excellent thermal stability of potassium-based sorbent using Zr02 for post combustion C02 capture" , Fuel, 1 15, 97 (2014) • "Influence of dispersion of Ni0 on di(propylene glycol) methyl ether gas sensing properties of Sn02-based gas sensor", Sensor letters, 12, 1080 (2014)
  • "New Sn02-based gas sensor promoted with ZnO and M003 for the detection of H2S", Sensor letters, 12, 1 181 (2014)
  • Hybrid Organo-Inorganic Nano-Engineered Adsorbents and H2S and C02 removal process, 2015.02.01 ~2016.01.31.
  • Design of alkali metal-based dry sorbent to prevent deactivation of the C02 sorbent, 2014.12.01~2017.09.30.
carbon dioxide capture and storage, Jae chang Kim et. al., cheong moon gak
Preparation method of porous nickel-based spinel catalysts with high activity and sulfur resistance in hydrocarbon autothermal reforming, the catalyst prepared by the method, and operation method using the catalyst, 10-1444600 . Organosulfur adsorbent, its manufacturing method, organosulfur compound adsorption method from petroleum oily, and recycle method of organo-sulfur adsorbent, 10-1394343