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Professor Introduce
Sang Do Yeo

Sang Do Yeo Professor
B.S. Yonsei Univ. / M.S. Yonsei Univ. / Ph.D. Texas Univ.
Post-doctoral fellow in Princeton University (1992)
Research Fellow in Exxon R&D Co. (1993)
Visiting Scholar in University of Maine (1998)
Visiting Scholar in Virginia Tech (2003)
Contact: Tel. +82-53-950-5618
Research Statement
Researches on the supercritical fluid technology have been conducted in our group. The focusing areas include extraction, crystallization, adsorption and high-pressure phase equilibria. In particular, we are interested in the crystallization of pharmaceutical compounds using liquid and supercritical fluid antisolvents. As a results, we obtained many new findings on the nucleation procedures of drugs and polymer compounds. In addition, we perform experiments on the removal of VOCs using various types of clays.
Selected Publications
  • Adsorption and desorption of m-xylene vapor on organically modified montmorillonite. (2009)
  • Antisolvent Crystallization of Roxithromycin and the Effect of Ultrasound. (2010)
  • Liquid Antisolvent Recrystallization of Phenylbutazone and the Effect of Process Parameters. (201 1)
  • Antisolvent crystallization of carbamazepine from organic solutions. (2012)
  • Crystallization of silibinin from organic solutions using supercritical and aqueous antisolvents. (2013)
Atomization of pharmaceutical compounds using antisolvent crystallization process
Supercritical Fluid Technology